General Information about Viessmann

A common misconception regarding current HVAC technologies is that gas and oil fired heating systems are inherently inefficient. In a world where the per-barrel price of oil often rises to the top of every news cycle, consumers hear the words “oil-fired hot water boiler” and recoil in fear. Contrary to common belief, the growing scarcity and rising price of petroleum-based fuels has actually been a boon for gas and oil fired HVAC systems. Knowing no consumer will buy a product which eats through expensive oil and gas, modern HVAC companies have made their boilers ultra-efficient.


The Viessmann Group represents the intersection of old and new technologies. A family-owned company dating back to its inception in 1917, Viessmann excels in the manufacturing of both heating and renewable energy technologies. Viessmann prides itself on being the “technological pacemaker of the heating equipment sector.” Therefore all Viessmann oil- and gas-fired hot water boilers combine the best of old and new technologies. Retaining the oil- and gas-fired processes perfected over a century of production, Viessmann uses the pinnacle of energy efficient technologies to ensure a product both timeless and forward-thinking.

Viessmann also prides itself on the wide range of products offered. Heat, be it from the sun or from an oil-fired boiler, is essential to human comfort. To that end, Viessmann’s product line includes solar and heat pump technologies to supplement the traditional oil-fired boiler. Additionally, each product comes delineated with one of three designations (100, 200 or 300) to make clear to every consumer the strength and heat output of their product. This exhaustive use of technologies both old and new, in tandem with a commitment to laboratory experimentation and timeless construction, makes Viessmann perfect for most any home heating need.